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clening and maintenance

Caring for your PlasDECK

Because PlasDECK is a plastic product, it doesn’t require any of the maintenance demanded by teak and it’s easy to clean. You never need to apply any protectants, oil or other products to preserve the finish. Fish blood, food, drinks and dirt are easily washed away. Our company confidently warrantees PlasDECK material for five years.

Here are some helpful hints for the care and cleaning of PlasDECK:

Power Washing!

A small household power-washer (around 1500psi) works well to lift debris from the textured surface of PlasDECK.


Soaps such as boat wash or Simple Green™ can be used to help release dirt. Food spills, especially oily foods, should be cleaned with a safe degreaser such as dish detergent or Marine Clean. Because PlasDECK is a PVC, it is susceptible to oil, gas, diesel and acetone. If this type of spill occurs, clean immediately and thoroughly with soapy detergent such as dish soap, boat wash, or Simple Green.


A nylon brush in often helpful to release stubborn debris from the surface. If desired, a short bristled wire brush can be used on wet decking with soap and water to help loosen particles. IMPORTANT: If you use a wire brush, always move the brush in the direction of the grains in the PlasDECK.


For bad scuffs, small cigarette burns or really stubborn stains that have been left to dry, lightly sand the area with 40 grit sandpaper. Also, if an area is worn smooth for some reason, the texture can be restored by lightly sanding. Make sure you sand in the direction of the grain with short strokes. Use a heat gun or let the sun heat your deck over time to blend tones on any areas that have been lighted during the sanding process. Don’t use a power sander on your PlasDECK; it will warp the “grain” that lends to PlasDECK’s teak appearance.


A patch can be used to repair any serious damage to the deck. Contact us for more information on patching.

Proper Footwear!

Don’t wear black-soled shoes on PlasDECK, as they may leave scuffs. Wear boat shoes or no shoes. PlasDECK’s non-skid surface ensures you won’t have to worry about the surface being slippery when wet.

No Protectants!

Don’t put oil, varnish, paint, sealers or lacquers on your PlasDECK. Isn’t that why you chose PlasDECK instead of teak? The PlasDECK doesn’t need protectants; it doesn’t require this maintenance.


As with any deck, including teak, don’t place hot metals or other hot object on PlasDECK.

You’ll find that with minimum effort, your deck will retain its classic look for many years to come.


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