New generation of decking

  • Professional installation ensures product’s longevity
  • Multi-step process
    focuses on quality
  • Designs built at
    our facility or on boat
  • Quality control built into installation process



Design-A-Deck installation, which includes preparation steps, is critical to ensuring the long life of the product. Some of the steps we take to ensure long-lasting quality include:
  • Measuring the area
  • Taking digital photos
  • Making a pattern of the area
  • Using the pattern to build the design at our manufacturing facility or on occa sion, depending on the pattern and circumstances, right on the boat
  • Preparing the deck; high spots, round edges, bumps, or cracks are sanded, filled and knocked down
  • Washing, vacuuming and wiping down the deck with denatured alcohol
  • Pre-laying the pattern for fitting
  • Laying adhesive glue in small areas, laying the pattern and inserting it into place
  • Hand rolling the surface with a special roller to smooth out the material and to push adhesive into any voids
  • Caulking the edges
  • Finishing and checking the installation and material

You can rest assured that professionals who are focused on your total satisfaction will install your new teak decking.



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