Traditional Pattern

Pin Stripe Pattern

Hybrid Pattern

Custom Pattern



Traditional Pattern ...

which most closely replicates the look of a classic teak deck. When using real hardwoods for marine decking, it’s crucial to minimize the amount of exposed end grain to prevent rotting and premature failure. For this reason, most real teak decks use margin boards to seal the end grain of the decking planks; essentially, there are boards around the entire perimeter of the deck and hatches. We replicate this design to achieve the most authentic classic look.


Pin Stripe Pattern ...

with no margin board around borders, which gives a more modern, sporty look. Since our synthetic material doesn’t suffer from the deteriorating effects of water and weather, it’s not imperative to enclose the end gain of the planks. With the cost of real hardwoods increasing exponentially, it’s not uncommon to find real teak decks laid in this pattern. The longer caulking lines visually enhance smaller swim platforms and give a clean, uncluttered appearance. This pattern also helps minimize the visual breaks between hatches and lockers.


Hybrid Pattern ...

since sometimes the best pattern is no pattern at all. To get the best look, we often use both patterns in the same area. Swim ladder covers usually look better without borders even if the rest of the deck has them. Having borders around such a small hatch can sometimes be visually overbearing. Occasionally there is simply not enough room on the piece to use borders with overlapping each other.


Custom Pattern ...

unique to your style and boat design. These patterns are designed for your personal taste, to set you apart.


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